We are TM Global Pte Ltd Singapore that has a new and engaging philosophy on cigar, pipes and accessories and building a brand.

We at TM Global is all about creating great products and bringing like-minded people together to help shape the world we live in. We provide distinctive products that capture the character of the regions they are produced in.

Just as good wine and good food brings friends together, TM Global gives back by creating events and contributing to causes that help communities become more sustainable.

We are building communities around Asia, where we sell our products that engage through social media, this not only encourages consumers to buy our products for that giving something back factor but also build and reinforces brand recognition associating good things with the brand.



We sell our premium cigars and accessories through selected distribution channels in markets where our products is sold at all level of prices and each brand is profiled in high end restaurants/bars and also sell through independent retailers and mass market products through hypermarkets.

For us it is all about building strong, enduring relationships that are mutually beneficial for all our partners. We all want to grow brand equity, profit, success and enjoying what we do every day. In the end, it's our relationships and partners that make us successful, we value them above all else.

Target Distribution Partner

We have partners with an importer / distributor who understand our concept of giving back to groups in the community and are possibly already doing this.

A target profile of the businesses and people we work with includes:
- Professional & well respected in industry
- Innovative, with a lot of passion
- Relationship driven and focused on quality to deliver results
- Strong distribution channels into high end restaurant, bar, hotel and specialist wine retail stores and hypermarkets
- A clear understanding of tobacco products and how to sell and build brands globally
- A focus on planned growth, a clear business plan and a strong/straight up communication philosophy.


Target Channel

Most sales will be through on-trade (Hotel, Bar, Restaurant) and the remainder through Independent retail. Production is about a constant focus on quality, not quantity. We commit to deliver consistent quality, style and volumes for our partners.

Marketing Support

- We understand the effort required to build a brand in a market and as such commit to 2 sales trips a year (based on volume contracts) to the market by the brand owners/manufacture's for trade support and education
- Sample allowance and a contribution to bonus stock in order to assist in getting our sales target
- Cigar/accessories maker's dinners to promote the products
- Support with sales merchandise such as POS and branded accessories .